How much experience do I need?

Just working knowledge of your smartphone or camera on an understanding of how to control your depth of field.

We do give some tips on this but a basic knowledge is required.

Do I need lots of equipment?

No you can bring a Smart phone or an SLR camera or mirrorless camera which ever medium you are using to create your art with. We do recommend that your kit is kept to a minimum.

What shall I bring with me on the day?

I do recommend travelling light. Just bring your camera, a spare battery and dress for the weather. Wear comfy shoes as we will be on foot and make sure you’ve got some water with you.

Is there lots of walking involved?

Yes there is so we will be walking for at least 30 minutes from one destination to the next so the course is unsuitable for those who can’t walk far.

Are there any additional costs involved?

Other than any coffee or lunch that you want to buy yourself. You will need to buy a Tube ticket to access any tube stations we may choose to take a few photos in.

What happens if it rains?

Will the show goes on! The same goes for snow and other extreme weather conditions.

Shooting in all conditions is great for street photography make sure you keep an eye on the weather for forecast and dress appropriately. Raincoats are much better than umbrellas.

Where do we meet?

You will be sent a comprehensive instruction pack few days before the workshop which will contain all the details of a meeting venue.

It varies for each workshop we do we always give you convenient locations for public transport links.

Your current locations are not convenient, can you run a course near to where I live?

Yes this could be something we would consider if you were just making enquiries let us know that you have a Camera club that would like us to run a course and we will travel to you.

Do I offer one-to-one tuition?

Yes one-to-one tuition is available if you just send an enquiry and then we can allocate you a one-to-one tuition session.

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