How long is the photoshoot?

Our portrait experience is usually one hour. However, we allow an hour and a half for each family so there is no rush. And two hours for newborn photo shoots just in case your little one needs feeding or settling throughout.

Is there anything we should do to prepare for the shoot?

You can have a chat with your family and see if there’s anything that you all love doing together. Or if you have any favourite items, toys, musical instruments, costumes, heirlooms, anything that relates to you as a family; feel free to bring them along!

You’re welcome to have a look on our website for ideas and inspiration.

We specialise in families and pets, so if you have a little fur baby, a big fur baby, or even a “furless” animal baby, please feel free to bring them along!

Can we bring extra family members or friends to the studio?

Of course! Everyone is welcome, we can comfortably fit 10 people in the studio.
We can capture a variety of combinations while you are here as well: a full group shot, then any other combinations that you request.

What clothing do you recommend?

Don't be afraid of wearing bright colours, they look great in a photoshoot but jeans with white tops also work well.

Avoid logos and graphic prints that might be a bit distracting to the overall family portrait.

What clothing looks best for black and white photos?

Simple lines and patterns work best. Nothing that is too busy. Linens, wools, or anything with an interesting texture can photograph beautifully in black and white.

It is sometimes best to avoid a bright white or a dark black – Go for off white or mid tones, and keep the colours neutral. Blues come up darker, and black/white/red come up lighter.

What other items should we bring?

Any items that are personal to your family that will help tell your story!

If your little girl or boy loves to play dress up, feel free to bring their most loved costumes!

A little reminder of Practical things:
• Bring treats for your pets!
• If it’s a newborn session, consider bringing a spare shirt or two for yourselves – little accidents do happen!
• But in all cases, you are welcome to bring another outfit if you would like to have different looks throughout the shoot.

I have family overseas, can we share the photos with them?

Absolutely! Once you have selected your package, we will provide a private online gallery that you are welcome
to share with your friends and family. This will be available for 2 weeks. If your family then has any requests or
would like to order anything, they can contact us directly via email or phone, or they can also order online.

How do I find you?

Click here for a link to Google maps

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